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Quote Date 21/12/2021
Valid Until 20/12/2021
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AlShukaili Modern



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50 SRX- Vision Optoelectronic - LED Screen, P10, Outdoor - Iron Cabinet size: 960mm*960mm - Total Size: 2.88mx1.92m = 5.53 sqm - Power (Max/Typ): 800W /450W per sqm - Refresh rate: 1920Hz - Viewing Distance: 10m - Brightness: 50-5000nits (adjustable) - LED Lifespan: 100K Hours @ 50% Brightness
1 - 1 Years Warranty - Including: Installation, Configuration, Sending Cards, receiving cards, power supplies. (Power Supply & IT Cabinet to be within 20m from Screen) - Excluding: Chassis on Wall / Roof & Video/Image Content to be prepared by client. - Assumptions: dual data point near each screen, 32Amp SP power near each screen - Maintenance: 1 year included) 0.00RO0.00RO
Sub Total 225,675.00RO
Tax 11,283.75RO
Total 236,958.75RO

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